Above ground water storage tanks

Calves Hill Ltd supplies above ground water storage tanks from both the Harlequin and Paxton tank range.


The Harlequin range of potable and non-potable water tanks offers a comprehensive range of aboveground water storage solutions. From the super slimline 920SL and 1100SL, through to the supersized 10000VT – all Harlequin tanks benefit from almost three decades experience in the design, development and manufacture of premium quality, storage tank solutions.

Harlequin tanks have a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Potable water tanks are suitable for drinking water and are approved in the UK by the WRAS (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme).

Non  potable water tanks are suitable for the storage of water not intended for human consumption.

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The Paxton range of water storage tanks is manufactured by LINPAC Environmental. All Paxton tanks are suitable for potable and non potable water storage. The potable water tanks are fitted with a Bylaw 30 kit at a small additional cost.

Paxton’s hard wearing range of storage tanks do not rot or rust. Paxton’s tanks offer versatile storage for liquids, manufactured in robust one-piece stress free mouldings with smooth hygienic internal and external surfaces. The tanks have built in lifting lugs for handling when empty. Tanks feature “flat” areas to make it easier to attach fittings.

Paxton’s above ground tanks have a manufacturer’s 10 year warranty, whilst the underground tanks have a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Once you have selected the most appropriate tank please do not hesitate to contact us for a competitive quotation.