Harlequin Oil Storage Tanks

Harlequin. Tried, tested and trusted tanks from Clarehill Plastics Limited

Established in 1981, Clarehill Plastics Limited is today firmly established as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of rotationally moulded fuel storage products, under the Harlequin brand.

With a wide range of different models and capacities available up to 10,000 litres…there is sure to be a Harlequin to suit almost any agricultural, commercial, domestic and industrial heating oil installation. Irrespective of model or capacity chosen, every Harlequin has been engineered from the outset to exceed the most demanding technical, environmental and regulatory requirements.

Please click on the links below to view the Harlequin range of oil storage tanks:

Once you have selected a tank please contact us for a very competitive quotation for the either the supply or installation of a Harlequin storage tank.

*If you are in any doubt whether a single skin oil storage tank can be legally installed please view or regulations section prior to selecting a tank from this range.