Tank and pipe work testing

Tank and pipe work testing is an important part of maintaining your installation. Whether your tank is above or below ground it should be checked regularly to ensure it or its fittings are not leaking. Not only could you be losing fuel, but you could also be causing pollution.

If your underground tank contains petrol it is also a licensing requirement that the tank is tested regularly.

By employing various testing techniques Calves Hill can test your underground storage tanks, offtake pipe work, fill lines and vent pipes for leaks.

Calves Hill also carries out NDT (non-destructive testing) of tanks. This method of testing will record the steel thickness to measure the level of corrosion to the tank wall, giving a good indication of the tanks life expectancy.

Having your tank and pipe work regularly tested demonstrates that, should an oil pollution incident occur, you have taken every reasonable precaution.

When was the last time your tank or pipe work was checked?