Waste oil tanks

Harlequin Waste Oil Tanks have been developed especially for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of waste oils and lubricants. Fully bunded they exceed all current and expected regulatory requirements.

Available in a choice of capacities from 350 to 2000 litres, they are ideal for the safe, secure and responsible storage of waste oils at garages, workshops, public transport depots, civic amenity sites or anywhere there is a requirement to store waste oil.

Easy to install and easy to use, every Harlequin waste oil tank is supplied complete with large capacity tundish, weatherproof lid and removable strainer.

A continuous read hydrostatic contents gauge can be supplied as an extra cost option on all Harlequin Waste Oil Tanks.

The Harlequin Waste Oil range is listed below:

Harlequin ORB350

Diameter: 980mm
Height:      1355mm
Weight:     50kg
Capacity:  350 Litres

Harlequin ORB650

Length: 1715mm
Width:    670mm
Height: 1440mm
Weight: 110kg
Capacity: 685 Litres

Harlequin ORB1000

Length: 2150mm
Width: 710mm
Height: 1490mm
Weight: 135kg
Capacity: 1056 Litres

Harlequin ORB1200

Length: 1900mm
Width: 1600mm
Height: 1070mm
Weight: 130kg
Capacity: 1317 Litres

Harlequin ORB1400

Length: 1900mm
Width: 1250mm
Height: 1540mm
Weight: 135kg
Capacity: 1453 Litres

Harlequin ORB2000

Length: 23600mm
Width: 1320mm
Height: 1530mm
Weight: 185kg
Capacity: 2111 Litres