BioFuel Stations

Harlequin BioFuel Stations have been engineered specifically for storage of BioDiesel grades of upto B100. Manufactured from a specialist, BioDiesel resistant grade of medium density polyethylene, a range of models and capacities is available up to 10,000 litres.

For climatic extremes, Artic Grade Harlequin BioFuel stations are available. Supplied complete with thermostatically controlled, heating system and an insulated inner storage tank, Artic Grade models will assist in keeping BioDiesel within strictly predetermined operational temperatures in even the most challenging winter conditions.

All BioFuel Stations are supplied with:

The Harlequin BioFuel Station range is listed below:

Harlequin 1400BFS Standard

Diameter: 1570mm
Height: 1850mm
Weight: 147kg
Capacity: 1413 Litres

Harlequin 2500BFS Standard

Diameter: 2090mm
Height: 1800mm
Weight: 200kg
Capacity: 2450 Litres

Harlequin 5000BFS Standard

Length: 2950mm
Width: 2520mm
Height: 2500mm
Weight: 380kg
Capacity: 5042 Litres

Harlequin 10000BFS Standard

Length: 3250mm
Width: 2800mm
Height: 3350mm
Weight: 725kg
Capacity: 9595 Litres