Paxton’s Above Ground Water Storage Tanks

Paxton above ground water storage tanks.

Designed for the aboveground storage of water.

With the addition of a Byelaw 30 Kit the tank can also be used for drinking water.

Paxton CT0200JA

Diameter: 1308mm
Height: 1060mm
Capacity: 909 Litres

Paxton CT0600JA

Diameter: 1850mm
Height: 1555mm
Capacity: 2728 Litres

Paxton CT1000JA

Diameter: 1850mm
Height: 2305mm
Capacity: 4546 Litres

Paxton CT2200JA

Diameter: 2515mm
Height: 2635mm
Capacity: 10000 Litres

Bye Law 30 Kit