Bunded Oil Tanks

Environmentally preferred oil storage tanks…complete with electronic gauge and a choice of top or bottom outlet.

Harlequin Bunded Tanks have been engineered to exceed the most demanding requirements, including the relevant aspects of The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage)(England) Regulations 2001, The Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006, British Standard BS5410, Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG2 and comparable requirements throughout the United Kingdom. For ease of installation every Harlequin Bunded Tank is available complete with electronic tank contents gauge, failsafe overfill prevention capability and a choice of top outlet, or bottom outlet with tank fitting kit.

The Harlequin Bunded Tank range is listed below:

Harlequin 650BND

Length: 1715mm
Width: 670mm
Height: 1335mm
Weight: 105kg
Capacity: 645 Litres

Harlequin 1000BND

Length: 2150mm
Width: 710mm
Height: 1420mm
Weight: 130kg
Capacity: 1003 Litres

Harlequin 1100BND

Length: 1880mm
Width: 890mm
Height: 1595mm
Weight: 132kg
Capacity: 1040 Litres

Harlequin 1200BND

Length: 1900mm
Width: 1600mm
Height: 950mm
Weight: 125kg
Capacity: 1251 Litres

Harlequin 1300BND

Length: 2100mm
Width: 950mm
Height: 1540mm
Weight: 160kg
Capacity: 1335 Litres

Harlequin 1400BND

Length: 1900mm
Width: 1250mm
Height: 1420mm
Weight: 130kg
Capacity: 1380 Litres

Harlequin 1450BND

Diameter: 1540mm
Height: 1590mm
Weight: 105kg
Capacity: 1413 Litres

Harlequin 2000BND

Length: 2350mm
Width: 1313mm
Height: 1415mm
Weight: 180kg
Capacity: 2005 Litres

Harlequin 2700BND

Length: 2375mm
Width: 1700mm
Height: 1680mm
Weight: 190kg
Capacity: 2656 Litres

Harlequin 3500BND

Length: 2450mm
Width: 1770mm
Height: 1890mm
Weight: 260kg
Capacity: 3297 Litres

Harlequin 5400BND

Diameter: 2575mm
Height: 2125mm
Weight: 325kg
Capacity: 5042 Litres

Harlequin 10000BND

Length: 3265mm
Width: 2800mm
Height: 3350mm
Weight: 725kg
Capacity: 9595 Litres