Fuel Points

Harlequin Fuel Points are easy to use and easy to install. Fuel points offer safe, secure and convenient diesel refuelling, whilst simultaneously ensuring compliance with all relevant statutory requirements.

Fuel points are ideal for smaller storage installations, where the added value technologies that characterise the standard fuel station range are not required. Competitively priced, yet featuring the same, high quality mouldings as the Fuel Station range, Harlequin Fuel Points incorporate a “fit for purpose”, “no frills”, “no nonsense” equipment specification. Fuel Points can also be used for the storage of B5 Biodiesel i.e. fuel with a bio-element not greater than 5%.

All fuel points are supplied with:

4m fuel resistant delivery hose, automatic trigger nozzle, 240v pump and dip stick all safely and securely contained within a lockable bunded area.

A choice of accessories and ancillary equipment can be supplied separately and at an additional cost, these items include:

  • Electronic contents gauge
  • Mechanical flow meter
  • 10 Micron fuel filter
  • Bund warning alarm

The Harlequin Fuel Point range is listed below:

Harlequin 1400FP

Diameter: 1580mm
Height: 1860mm
Weight: 147kg
Capacity: 1413 Litres

Harlequin 2500FP

Diameter: 2090mm
Height: 1930mm
Weight: 200kg
Capacity: 2580 Litres

Harlequin 5000FP

Length: 2950mm
Width: 2520mm
Height: 2500mm
Weight: 380kg
Capacity: 5042 Litres