Single skin tanks

Harlequin Single Skin Tanks

Bottom outlet single skin tanks supplied with or without electronic gauge and tank fitting kit.

Harlequin single skin tanks do not incorporate any form of secondary containment. In the event of a spillage, a pollution incident will result. Single skin tanks are unsuitable for installation at agricultural, industrial and institutional installations.

The full range of Harlequin Single Skin Tanks is listed below:

Harlequin 1100SL

Length: 1650mm
Width: 690mm
Height: 1420mm
Weight: 60kg
Capacity: 1040 Litres

Harlequin 1200LP

Length: 1740mm
Width: 1320mm
Height: 825mm
Weight: 50kg
Capacity: 1251 Litres

Harlequin 1400HZ

Length: 1805mm
Width: 1095mm
Height: 1135mm
Weight: 55kg
Capacity: 1380 Litres

Harlequin 1450VT

Diameter: 1360mm
Height: 1260mm
Weight: 45kg
Capacity: 1406 Litres